How calculation of volume can help you with effective construction

20 August 2022

The units of measurement are crucial in mathematics. The excision of anything is bad. if you are taking  too much stress.  This stress level will cause anxiety. Same thing in   capacity of a cube with sides measured in feet is known as its volume in cubic feet. The United States and the United Kingdom both use the cubic foot as a measurement unit. 

We will also discuss effective construction and its industrial importance.

What is effective construction?

The ability to deliver any tasks or project services in the most cost-effective manner, without losing the quality of products, and also enhance the profit of the company is an effective construction.

Why is operational efficiency important in the construction industry?

Operational efficiency may be calculated as a ratio between the input needed to conduct a company’s operations and the output received from it. By attempting to increase operational effectiveness, you are attempting to raise that ratio. The usual inputs would be:

I. Money (cost)

II. People (FTE)

III. Effort and time

The usual results would be:

  • Money (revenue, margin, cash)
  • New clients
  • Customer adherence
  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Opportunities

Operational efficiency in the construction industry basically means being able to execute projects or services in the most affordable way possible without compromising the productivity, quality, or profit. Here are some instances of ways to raise operational effectiveness:

  1. Reducing construction project teams' idle time
  2. Planning that is automated and simplified
  3. Reducing waste
  4. Minimizing errors and rework

What are cubic feet?

The volume of a cube with one-foot-long sides is what is known as a cubic foot. It is used to calculate the unit volume. The singular form of the word feet is the foot.

A cubic foot can also be used to gauge an object's capacity or the flow of water from a pipe. The cubic foot is a unit of measurement for volume in three dimensions for 3-D things.


The formula to measure the volume in the feet is:

V = l * w * h

  • l  = length
  • w = width
  • h = height
  • V = volume of a cube

The unit of the volume is always in the form of the unit cube. If the unit is feet, then a unit of volume is feet3.

Conversion of Volume of a cubic foot:

To find the volume of a cube in cubic feet. It is necessary that all input must have the same units.

If any measurement is not in the same unit, we must change them and convert them before calculating.

Cubic yard to cubic feet

As 1 yard = 3 feet, thus, 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet

Cubic meters to cubic feet

As 1 m = 3.28084 feet, thus, 1 cubic meter = 35.3147 cubic feet

Cubic inch to cubic feet

As 1 inch = 0.0833 foot, thus, 1 cubic inch = 0.000578 cubic feet

Cubic centimetre to cubic feet

As 1 cm = 1/30.48 cm, thus 1 cubic cm = 0.00003529 cubic feet

How to calculate the volume?

We will discuss some examples to understand the concept of cubic feet. Let’s take some examples from real life.

Examples 1:

Find the volume of a cubic shape in feet whose length is 1400 centimetres, Width 720 inches, and Height 15 meters.


Step 1:

Draw a cubic diagram and label for better visualization and understanding.

Step 2: Now converts the data values into feet.

1) For converting cm to feet

Length = 1400 cm

1 cm = 1/30.48 ft

1400 cm = 1400/30.48 ft = 45.932 ft

Length = 45.932 ft

2) For converting inches to feet

Width = 720 inches

1 inch = 0.0833 feet

720 inches = 720 * 0.0833 ft = 60ft

Width = 60 ft.

3) For converting m to feet

Height = 15 m

1 meter = 3.28 feet

15 meter = 15 * 3.28 ft = 49.213 ft.

Width = 49.213 ft.

Step 3:  Now using the formula and evaluate

Cubic Feet = Length (feet) * Width (feet) * Height (feet)

Cubic Feet = 45.932 * 60 * 49.213

Cubic Feet = 135627. 091 ft3

Example 2:

Find the number of gallons of water to fill a swimming pool whose length is 90 feet, width 40 feet, and depth 20 feet. 


Step 1: Write all given data

Length = 90 feet

Width = 40 feet

Depth = 20 feet

Step 2: By using the formula we calculate the volume of the swimming pool.

Volume = length * width * depth

Volume = 90 * 40 * 20

Volume = 72000 feet3

Step 3: Now find the number of a gallon of water need to fill the swimming pool

We know that

1 feet3 = 7.5 gallons of water

72000 feet3 = 72,000 * 7.5

72,000 feet3 = 540,000 gallons

So, we need 540,000 gallons of water to fill the swimming pool.

The volume of any object can also be calculated by using the cubic feet calculator. It is an easy-to-use and time-saving tool. Follow the below steps to use this calculator.

Step 1: Enter the length, width, and height in the required input boxes.

Step 2: Choose the units of each entered input.

Step 3: Hit the calculate button.

Example 3:

Calculate the space occupying a wall shown in the diagram with a height of 6 feet, width of 4.5 inches, and length of 10 feet.


Step 1: All data values converted into feet

Height = 6 feet

Length = 10 feet

Width = 4.5 inch

Step 2:  Make all the units similar.

Since the width of the wall is in inches convert it into feet.

1 inch = 0.0833 feet

4.5 inch = 4.5 * 0.0833 = 0.37548 ft.

Width = 0.37548 ft.

Step 3:  Now use the formula to evaluate the volume.

Cubic Feet = Length (feet) * Width (feet) * Height (feet)

Cubic Feet = 10 * 6 * 0.37485

Cubic Feet = 22.491 ft3

So, the wall occupies a total space of 22.491 feet in a home.

Application in Real-life:

  • Cubic footage is used to measure how much an object occupies space. It is commonly known as the capacity of an object. We just calculate the volume of an object in feet by multiplying its length, width, and height.
  • An interior designer uses it in their field.
  • For Cleaning house
  • Water Conservation
  • Fuelling up


In this post, we have learned about the measurement of volume in feet with examples and real-life applications where we utilize the mathematical concept and take benefits. Now you can solve any problem regarding cubic feet.

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