How can granite pavers be beneficial for your paving project?

22 December 2020

Granite is one of the highest selling natural paving stones across the world. It is the ultimate luxury paving option. In other words, it is the crème-de-la-crème amongst all paving options. If you have never used granite pavers before in any design/renovation project, then given below are a few reasons why you should seriously consider using them in order to make things better:

1.  Incredible aesthetic value: Granite is naturally beautiful. Also, it is available in a variety of shades. It is a great option for both modern as well as contemporary designs. Whichever project it gets chosen for granite pavers are certain to add a lot of aesthetic value to it. Thus, this should be the first and foremost reason why you must opt for granite to pave.

2.  Unbelievably durable: The highly sought natural stone is known to be resilient and highly durable. It is also scratch-proof and very hard to wear down. Moreover, granite pavers are chip-resistant and stain-resistant and are ideal to pave areas which attract heavy traffic. Additionally, granite is known to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

3.  Less expensive and easy to maintain: The only thing to be done to granite as far as maintenance is concerned is applying a sealant. Apart from this, granite does not require any upkeep. Generally, rain keeps granite pavers clean. Yet, if you still want them spotless, then an easy brush or pressure wash should do it for you. This certainly is not costly at all. Moreover, granite hardly goes through any wear and tear. Its look and feel remain the same for years.

4.  It is safe to maintain: The stone is known to be slip-resistant. Its lightly textured surface prevents anyone from slipping and its heat-resistant nature also ensures that the surface does not get too hot even if you place a barbeque on it. Granite pavers are anti-skid, another proof of them being safe to walk on even when they are wet.

5.  Versatile in nature: Granite is a very versatile stone and so are pavers made from it. The range of colors and choices of patterns are almost infinite in nature, shades ranging from grayish-blue, tan, black, brown, shades of grey, pink, orange, honey, red etc.

6.  Naturally rugged: The standout USP about granite and its pavers are their rugged look and ethereal appeal. Wherever you use them, the space begins to look elegant and highly functional. That luxurious feel which the pavers lend to both traditional and modern settings is a sight to behold.

Summary: The reasons given above show clearly how granite pavers can be useful to your renovation/design project and how they can add immense value to it.

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