How to choose a cat flap or dog door

Pet doors 
Modern pet doors incorporate security measures like RFID tag readers so that only your pet can open them.

What is the purpose of a pet door?

These doors are installed in an existing door or wall to allow for a dog or cat to enter and exit a home without having to get the attention of their human companion. They should seal off against weather ingress and ideally should only allow for your pet to enter and exit and block other animals from entering through the same way.


What qualities should a good pet door have?

A good pet door should firstly and foremost be safe. It should not be able to harm the animal in anyway if it were to get stuck. It should stop the wet and the cold from blowing in and causing heat loss inside the house when closed, even under a gale. Ideally, the door should also have some sort of electronic recognition system which identifies your animal as it passes through and then seals the entrance, preventing other neighbourhood pets and strays from getting in.


What sort of doors are appropriate for pet doors?

There are many different kinds of pet doors available in all kinds of sizes for all kinds of pets. You will need to find one that is appropriate to both your pet and the type of door you wish to install it in.