04 November 2021

Shingle tile manufacturer will share this article about shingle tile with you.

1.Do not touch these blind spots
1)Do not choose tiles according to the types of tiles.

Antique tiles, full-body tiles, vitrified tiles, microcrystalline stones, and all-ceramic tiles are all named by manufacturers and industries from the perspective of color and color, and they do not have much meaning for our consumers.

2)Do not judge whether the tiles are good or bad based on whether they absorb water.

The tile size is large, the water absorption rate is low, and the tile size is small, the water absorption rate is high. The merchant recommends tiles with low water absorption, just to let you buy big tiles and make more money. Water-absorbent tiles do not mean poor quality. Europeans and Americans like to use small white tiles, even for export models, they will absorb water. To be non-slip, don't blindly choose matte tiles and pattern tiles. The anti-slip mainly depends on the glazed surface. A good glazed surface is clean, does not seep, does not stain, does not crack, has good slip resistance, and has a smooth and beautiful surface texture.

3)Don't judge the quality of tiles by knocking.

Ordinary people can't see the quality of ceramic tiles at all, nor can the quality of ceramic tiles be seen during tiling construction. For details, you can refer to the requirements for ceramic tiles in the national standards. There are a few items that ordinary people can casually test.

Shingle tile

2.Shingle tile suppliers recommend buying tiles like this
Choose the color and size you like first, and then look at the quality and price, you can start.

Buy big brands, high-quality products, stricter quality control, and stable quality, which is the biggest advantage compared with small ceramic tile factories.

If you want to save money, you can choose discounted models from big brands. Although there are not too many color choices, the prices are very affordable.

You can also buy small brands owned by large groups.

If the budget is not high, choose light-patterned or solid-colored tiles. Cheap, large-patterned tiles (such as Carrara marble) have a high repetition rate and are particularly ugly.

You can buy special kitchen and bathroom tiles for the kitchen and bathroom, which are called porcelain tiles in the industry. They are cheap, simple in construction, and strong.

Buy regular size tiles (kitchen and bathroom wall 30×60, kitchen and bathroom floor 30×30, living room floor 60×60, 80×80), extra-large bricks, special-shaped bricks, small bricks paving labor costs will be extra At least 1 time.

3.How to pick tiles on-site?
Use an oil-based pen to write on the tile, and wipe it off with a paper towel after 3 minutes. If it can be wiped off, it means it is easy to clean the stains.

Pour some water on the tiles and rub them with your shoes to see if they are non-slip. Bright tiles are not necessarily slippery, and matte tiles are not necessarily slippery.

Measure the two diagonals of the tile, the smaller the error, the better the shingle tile.

Put two tiles together, the flatter the surface, the better the shingle tile.

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