How to clean mirrors

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A clean mirror can brighten your bathroom, and make it look bigger.

Getting a spotless, streak-free mirror is difficult. Mirrors, even more than glass, will show up flaws and smudges as they are reflected. Mirrors in bathrooms are often well lit too and highlight dirty areas even further. A dirty mirror can easily let down an otherwise good-looking bathroom, while a well-polished mirror will add depth and light.

How to clean bathroom mirrors

To begin, wipe your mirror down with a tight weave rag and some warm water. Try to get rid of any of the large dirt marks and obvious smears, then dry it off using a dry cloth.

Next, prepare a solution of one part white vinegar to six parts water in a spray bottle. Using this solution, dampen a scrunched newspaper sheet and start cleaning the mirror using circular movements, working your way across from one side to the other. Immediately use another sheet of newspaper to dry the mirror off to prevent it from streaking as it dries. In most cases, this method will leave the mirror dazzlingly clean and smudge free.


This method can be applied to any glass in your home for excellent results. If you find the smell of the vinegar a little overpowering or unpleasant, you can also substitute it for a regular window cleaning solution - the main thing that makes this method so effective is the paper.

Paper will not leave any lint or fluff like cloth does and will absorb all of the moisture from the cleaning solution.