How to clean a toilet

Cleaning your toilet is easily the most important part of cleaning a bathroom. While leaving other areas dirty can make the bathroom look filthy, a dirty toilet is also extremely unhygienic. Cleaning toilets isn't particularly complicated, time consuming or difficult either, and it should be done at least once a week.


How to clean a toilet 
To properly clean a toilet, you'll need the right tools.

Clean the outside of the toilet

First, remove anything that might be nearby such as the toilet paper, air freshener cans and the toilet brush. Leave the door open, and always make sure you have good ventilation. Put on some rubber gloves, and then use some spray-on cleaner and wipe the exterior of the toilet with a damp sponge or paper towel. Make sure you clean all the visible areas including the cistern, the seat and the piping behind the seat.


Clean the inside of the toilet

Next, squirt a liquid cleaner around the inside of the rim of the bowl. Some cleaners will work better if you leave them to soak in for a while, read the instructions for tips on best use.

  • Some white vinegar in a spray bottle will work as well as most commercial toilet cleaners. It kills germs and bacteria, and is also able to remove lime deposits.

Next, using the toilet brush, scrub the inside of the bowl vigorously. Watch out for splashback from the water in the bowl, you won’t want to get any of that on you. Pay special attention to the line around the water level as this can accumulate mineral deposits and leave water marks. Make sure you also scrub right into the base of the bowl leading to the piping. Flush the toilet a few times while still scrubbing to rinse the bowl and brush.


Disinfect the area

Lastly, you will need to disinfect the area. This is generally best done with a disinfectant spray and cloth or paper towel, as you have more control over the direction and can make sure to get an even coating so no areas are missed. Ensure that the flush handle or buttons are especially targeted, as this is the easiest way for germs to spread from toilets. Spray around the floor and nearby wall tiles as well.