How To Clean Venetian Blinds At Home

15 June 2018

The air passes through your venetian blinds daily with air dust, pollen, allergens, dirt, etc. But how often do we get venetian blind cleaning done? It is recommended by blind cleaning professionals that you get them cleaned once every month and dust them daily. You can call a professional to save time and get venetian blind cleaning done. Or if you have the day to yourself and have nowhere to go out to you might as well get your venetian blind cleaning done. We have listed out ways in which you can get your synthetic and wooden blinds cleaning done.

Here’s how to clean Venetian blinds

The best advisable way to thoroughly clean venetian blinds completely is tried and trusted bath method (keep in mind, that following steps are not suitable for wooden blinds):

Process To Clean Synthetic Venetian Blinds

  1. First of all detach blinds from their fixing. The modern designs sit on plastic fittings, you do not have to go with the hassle of removing the brackets.
  2. Fill a bucket with around 1/3rd of warm water. To it add half a cup of biological detergent powder.
  3. Dip all the blinds in the bucket.
  4. Rub them with a cloth on the both sides.

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