How to Ensure that Your Security Screen Door Is Up to the Job?

28 September 2018

In Australia, it is common to find several homes with security screen doors in a neighbourhood. After all, they provide efficient protection from pests and even enhance air circulation in their house during warm weather. Moreover, security screen doors are more durable and stronger than regular flyscreens. That said, they can give the protection you need against forced entries while still offering the benefits of keeping wild animals and insects out.


However, you have to know that not all security screens can deliver what they promise. So, how can you tell if the product is up to the job? In this article, we will discuss the essential qualities a stable security screen door must have.

Built According to Australian Standards

When a security screen door meets Australian Standards, it means that it has passed specific requirements for quality, durability and strength. In general, an authentic security screen must meet the following standards:

  • AS 5039 – Quality standards for security screen doors
  • AS 5040 – Proper installation of security screen doors
  • AS 5041 – Methods of testing security screen doors
  • AS 5039 – Quality Standards for Security Screen Doors

You will find the requirements for a security screen door’s performance in AS 5039. It covers the characteristics and qualities that hinged and sliding security screens for domestic applications must have. It discusses the level of capability a product should have to be able to resist forced entries. Remember that these standards do not cover some problems related to egress in case of an emergency. Typically, authorities and corporations and individuals involved in manufacturing, installing and regulating security screens follow the guidelines provided in AS 5039.

AS 5041 – Methods of Testing Security Screen Doors

It is worth mentioning that security screen doors can only be AS 5039 certified if an accredited laboratory has tested them according to AS 5041. That said, products passing this standard, must meet the requirements in the following tests:

  • Dynamic Impact Test
  • Jemmy Test
  • Pull Test
  • Probe Test
  • Shear Test
  • Knife Shear Test

AS 5040 – Proper installation of security screen doors

When choosing an installer, you have to ensure that they follow the requirements laid out in AS 5040. This way, you will know that they will mount the product correctly, allowing you to enjoy its maximum security and lifestyle benefits.

Other Safety and Design Standards to Consider

When you are buying security screen doors, you are investing in your home. So, it is ideal to get a product that certified under other standards apart from what we’ve discussed above. To enjoy maximum protection for your home, choose a security door that meets the following Australian Standards:

AS 3959 – Security Screen Door for Bushfire Zones

If your house is situated in a bushfire zone or near it, it would be worth considering a security screen door that meets AS 3959. This particular Australian Standard covers the structural requirements for buildings in areas prone to wildfire. Keep in mind that regular flyscreens can burn in a bushfire. Even if you are a kilometre away from the actual fire, the flying embers and radiant heat can still penetrate your home without the proper protection.

AS 1170.2:2011 – Security Screen Door for Cyclonic Areas

In Australia, some areas are prone to cyclones during the rainy season. So, if you live in one of these regions, you must make sure that you can prevent cyclone debris from penetrating your home. With a security screen door that meets AS 1170.2:2011, you can ensure that your glass doors will not get shattered. This way, you would not have to ‘batten down the hatches’ whenever you hear that there’s a strong storm coming. Even when you are travelling out of town, you can still have the reliable protection you need.

Choose Locally Manufactured Security Screen Doors

When selecting a security screen door, you have to consider whether the product came from Australia or overseas. Of course, you will find cheaper abroad, but there are several good reasons why you should choose something that has been locally made. It is worth noting that not all imported security doors meet Australian Standards. As such, they are not strong enough to withstand the harsh elements and weather conditions in the country.

Also, once you’ve tested the quality and warranty for yourself, you will appreciate choosing something local. For example, if you start to experience issues with the product, the time it takes to resolve the problem depends on where your door came from. Someone onshore will repair the door if it was locally sourced. It is not worth risking your money and time by ordering overseas. You might save some money now, but you will suffer complications later on.