How to Furnish a Foyer: 7 Decorating Ideas

21 July 2022

If it is true that there is no second chance to make a good first impression, it is also true that, in order to furnish an entrance and make it welcoming, every detail must be taken care of. In today's article, we give you 7 tips to decorate the entrance hall.

How to Improve and Furnish the Entrance to the House

Whether it is a classic, modern, small, large, elegant room or not, to make the entrance of the house welcoming, you must focus on two fundamental elements:

  • Wall decoration: it can be painted differently or embellished with paintings and mirrors;
  • Choice of furniture: with attractive aesthetics but also functional utility

1. Furnish an Entrance Hall that Opens onto the Living Room

There are houses where the entrance hall is directly in another room, such as the living room. To furnish it correctly, it is important to place the sofa in front of the access door and hide functional accessories such as hangers and umbrellas behind it.

 2. How to Furnish a Large Entrance Hall? With a Big Closet

Wide entrance? A big wall? There's no better way to furnish it than with a large entryway wardrobe complete with a mirror, luggage racks and drawers for small items. All are enclosed with a modern frame and smoked black opaque doors.



3. Furnish a Modern Entrance

To furnish a modern entrance (as in Nova City) and create a strong visual impact, you can focus everything on the decoration of the walls with full-height paintings with a refined design, large paintings, wooden panels, etc., possibly positioned in front of the access door. Such decoration can be seen in the homes of .


4. Small Entrance: How to Furnish Without Giving up Design

Small entryways, and close to a staircase, call for minimalist design accessories, like this contemporary-style wood-panelled piece of furniture, complete with down-to-the-essential hangers, storage compartments and bookshelves. Integrating the furniture with an ottoman will help to combine aesthetics with functionality.


5. How to Furnish A Small, Dark Entryway

Mirrors and spotlights are elements known for their ability to amplify spaces and, if well designed and arranged, are very effective for illuminating a small, dark entrance. As for the optimization of space, you can choose to have a wardrobe with doors on both walls of the entrance, to be used as a hanger or repository for the change of seasons.


6. An Elegant Entrance Hall: Walls as Allies

Sometimes, for a chic, refined and elegant result, you just need to beautify the entryway walls with wallpaper, as long as you keep the furniture as simple and linear as possible.


7. Furnish a Corner Entrance

To prevent the corner entrance from being suffocating, it is essential to furnish it with dynamic furniture and bet on an unusual arrangement, for example, of paintings or frames. The reinforced concrete effect is perfect for modern or industrial-style houses.




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