How To Make Your Window Treatments More Kid Friendly

30 June 2021

It can be hard to select window treatments for a child's room, whether they're in a bedroom, a playroom, or a nursery, as they present their own set of design barriers. Parents with kids should definitely consider many features such as light-intensity, maintenance and safety when choosing the right window treatment.

Window treatments for children's bedrooms must meet all of the practical requirements. This is due to the fact that noise and light can disrupt their routine. If you want them to have a lovely start to the day, light control options that allow in natural light during the day and block artificial light from streetlamps to help them sleep soundly at night are a must-have. Trust me, having a cranky kid to wake you up is definitely not a good start to a day.

To make your home more child-friendly, the first option you need to go for is installing cordless blinds in Sydney. Cords and rough edges can be a number one hazard, especially with small kids, and installing them maintains the room’s pleasing aura. Most blinds give you the option of choosing from faux wood, vinyl to thick fabric – what’s best is to go cordless for less risk.

Shutters are another perfect way of treating your windows for kids – resistant to dust, lighting requirements and cost-efficient. These window treatments are perfect for slightly older children, where they will be able to adjust the lighting and privacy according to their own wish.

You may use pastels, brightly coloured colours, or any other cheerful hue that your child prefers. It's never too early to get them involved in the process of designing their own room to create a place they'll love. You could also place draperies on top of the shutters, to give your child’s room a vibe of self-motivation.

Blackout window shades help to darken a room by blocking out the morning sun, allowing for a better night's sleep. They're suitable for new-borns and toddlers' rooms and nurseries because they can establish ideal sleeping conditions even during the day. They also provide maximum UV protection, shielding your child from the sun's harmful rays, which is particularly important during the summer. Additionally, they save energy and money by keeping your home cooler in the summer and colder in the winter.

With soft folds of beautiful, cascading fabrics, Budget Roman Blinds in Sydney are one of the best options for children's rooms. Consider using them in older children's rooms as well, as the beauty of layered fabrics is sure to appeal to them. Roman shades are available from Budget Blinds in a wide range of designs, fabrics, and colours and patterns, making it simple to find one that meets the needs and tastes of children of different ages.

With prices starting at really low costs, ready-made curtain panels are likely the most cost-effective window treatment for kids’ rooms. Iron-on fusible web, available at craft shops, can be used to hem them to the desired length without stitching. What’s amazing about ready-made curtains is that they are fully customizable, giving you and your child the choice to decide on their favourites.

If you choose to go with roller shades, you do not need a cord to lift or lower these shades because of the roll mechanism at the tip. Depending on your preferences, you can switch between a traditional roll headrail and a reverse roll headrail. You never have to worry about your children being lost in cords of roller shades.

When choosing window treatments for your child, keep in mind that it's best to go with a long-lasting, high-quality shade that your child will enjoy for years. Although primary colours and soft neutrals may be your first choice, don't be afraid to branch out into more mature styles that will last long after your child has grown up.

Choosing the right window treatment for your children's rooms can be exciting and enjoyable, particularly if they are involved in the process. They usually enjoy contributing by assisting you in selecting from a variety of lovely colours and patterns. Furthermore, as they are involved in the decision-making process, they are more likely to be diligent in keeping their rooms clean and tidy.