How Many Solar Panels Are Required To Power A House?

27 June 2022

Are you planning to install solar systems for beneficial energy supply in your house? Do you need more information about the installation? The number of solar panels required in a home depends on energy consumption. Energy consumption depends on the appliances and family members consuming the energy. You can find it out based on accurate assumptions and estimations. 

According to the average estimation, If the house consumes about 1000 kWh, it requires about 26 - 30 solar panels

Calculation method

You will find that there is a different calculation method to obtain the number of solar panels required.

  • If you know about the monthly energy consumption of your house, then divide it by 120.
  • It gives you the kilowatt requirement for your home.
  • Now, divide the kilowatt by the wattage of the preferred solar panel. 

You will find out the number of solar panels required to maintain the energy consumption in your house. On average, the market provides panels that are above 300 watts. 

Consideration factors to avoid more number of panels installation:

There are some responsible factors for the increased number of solar panel installations. Ensure to utilise the full potential of the solar system. It is only possible with the keen inspection of panels and installing them correctly at the right angle.

  1. Maximum utilisation - You cannot utilise the natural sun energy resource if there is a hurdle in direct sunlight. There should not be any shadow between the panels and the sun. You have to ensure that the trees, buildings, and electricity poles are not resulting in shadow over the panels.
  2. Facing and inclination - It is essential to be very particular about the facing of the panels. According to Ecuador, northern hemisphere countries should install the panels facing south and vice versa. The inclination angle matters in different seasons as the sun changes its position. You have to focus your attention on the perfect angle of panels from ground level.  
  3. Regular cleaning - It is necessary to clean the solar panels in perfect intervals to avoid dust layers. You will find that it hinders the best functioning of solar panels. It is not possible to utilise the natural energy consumption with dust and snow over the panels.

 These factors require much effort before installation. If you want maximum power generation, then install the panels by keeping some elements in mind. It results in an increasing or decreasing number of solar panels.   

What size solar system is the best fit for efficient consumption?

It is necessary to identify the best size fit for the energy consumption of your house. Firstly, you have to analyse the amount of consumption over a month. You can use your previous monthly bills to get the average. Then you can determine it accordingly to the size of the solar panel in the market.

- Analyse peak sun hours 

Analyse the sun hours and energy-consuming amount to install the efficient size of solar panels. It depends on the wattage of your preferred solar panel. The sun hours help you to select the best fitting size for perfect energy consumption. You will find that the sun moves from east to west on the whole particular day. The efficient size will help you to obtain maximum energy for the entire day. 

- Consultation services 

You will get residential solar panels in Melbourne at affordable rates. It is essential to select the best installation company. You can also take help from the consultants to clear the queries about the solar panel installation. 

They can suggest to you with their experience, and you can easily decide to install the number of panels. The consultation services also facilitate you with the calculation of the energy consumption for your house.