How Much a Home Renovation Can Really Cost

27 September 2018

Remodeling a home can often become messy, exhausting, and frustrating. Next to all the details you need to keep in mind, the final price is the last thing you want to change, since it is rarely lower than expected but very often much higher. So, how do you avoid such an unpleasant surprise? Well, the best way is to be prepared, so even if the price does jump a bit, it won’t be a surprise. With that in mind, here are a few potential hidden costs of home remodeling that you should know about.

Structural changes

If you’re planning a structural renovation, you should know that things do not always go as planned. For example, a beam that you thought was strong could turn out not to be, or you might start considering an open floor plan once you see how the space looks with fewer walls inside. The kitchen also very often hides surprises, as even one inch off can mean a completely different layout. So, in order to be prepared, consult your architect, and come up with a few backup plans.

Unexpected repairs

One of the reasons why many remodeling projects turn out to be more expensive than expected is repairing the damage. The truth is, there are many potential issues that you might not even know about because they are almost impossible to notice before you start remodeling. This includes improper wiring, plumbing issues, and even demolition mistakes if the workers aren’t careful enough. This is why you should have at least 15-20% of the total budget saved for potential repairs.


Eating out

If your kitchen is a part of the remodeling, and you have no other place or way to prepare food, you might need to eat out for a few weeks or at least create a temporary kitchen. Of course, this can be quite costly, so plan your meals in advance – opt for meals that are easy to make and require no cooking, order takeout, and eat at the local restaurants from time to time. This can also be a good opportunity to do some research and find cheaper restaurants that offer tasty home-made food.

Removing construction debris

Once the work is done, you will be left with lots of rubbish and construction debris. This might not seem like an issue at first, but such trash is not always acceptable for curbside disposal. This means that you might need to rent a dumpster or hire professionals to clear the site for you. Since this usually happens at the end, people tend to forget about this expense. Luckily, you can always file for fast online loans, thus avoiding the necessary paperwork and finishing your remodel in time.


Getting your pets out of the way

We’ve all seen those videos of freshly cemented pathways that have been “tested” by some curious animal, and as funny as it looks on the Internet, it’s probably a bit less funny when it actually happens to you. Plus, remodeling can be hectic and dusty, and your pets can only get in the way of workers. This is why you should find a temporary shelter for your pets, and if you don’t have any friend or relative who could take them for a week or two, you might need to pay for the boarding.

Changing your mind

Finally, you need to take into consideration the possibility of you changing your mind during the remodel. The thing is, once you come up with a plan, everything will be done according to it, and every change that you make, no matter how small, can disrupt the whole process. In other words, just because you don’t see something in front of you, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t already been made, ordered, and prepared. A lot of effort is spent on the backend, so once you make a change, you’d still need to pay for that effort.

To reduce the number of potential financial surprises, plan everything in great detail before the remodel even begins. Talk about your wants and needs with your remodeler, and make sure to meet at least once every week to address all the extra costs as they happen.


Derek Lotts writes about décor, gardening, recycling and everything related to home improvement. He thinks all these fall under self-improvement. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment. He blogs regularly at Smoothdecorator.