How to Prevent Risks in the Demolition of Buildings?

04 November 2019

The demolition of buildings and Demolition Gold Coast are considered activities encompassed and related to construction. However, it is precisely the opposite of building. It is about destroying something that was already built.

Both demolitions and demolitions must be carried out by companies specialized in this activity. This is because they are considered high-risk activities. The difference between a demolition and a demolition is the demolition is to undo work thinking about the use of some of its materials. It may be the case of stair rails, platforms, beams, etc.

Demolition work Presents specific Difficulties from a Preventive point of view:

  • Must be carried out by specialized personnel, as already mentioned.
  • It has to be subject to specific contemplation in the Health and Safety Plan or, what is more frequent,.
    since they are usually carried out by specialized companies such as JDL “gold coast demolition”, they have a specific Safety Plan.

The whole Process must be Planned and Supervised by Competent Personnel, with Priority Attention being Given to the following Aspects:

  • Establish the strengths of subjection to which workers must be tied.
  • Narrow the area to prevent accidental workers from entering.
  • Find out if there are materials that require the adoption of specific protection plans or measures: asbestos, hazardous waste.

Risks of a Demolition

The Accidents that may Occur most Frequently are:

  • Leg fracture.
  • Punctures b nails in the upper and lower extremities.
  • Blows by objects or tools on different parts of the body.
  • Falls at the same or different level.
  • Object trapping.
  • Projection of particles in the eyes.
  • Exposure to asbestos and other toxic products, etc.…


Precautions to Avoid the Risks in a Demolition

In order to Avoid the Risks that the Aforementioned Accidents may Produce, the Necessary Precautions must be taken, and which Include:

  • Clean up every day at the end of the shift and before the start of work, all areas with imminent risk of collapse.
  • Placing witnesses in appropriate places, monitoring their evolution throughout the demolition.
  • The house demolition gold coast must be done in reverse of the plant-to-plant construction, starting with the top-down deck. Procuring horizontal and avoiding the work of operators located at different levels.
  • Every effort will be made to avoid the accumulation of materials from demolition in the floors or floors of the building, since they overload it.
  • To break down chimneys, cornices and overhangs, susceptible to detachments, a solid scaffolding will be available.
  • When removing the tiles, the covers will be made symmetrically with respect to the summit, and always from this to the eaves.
  • Throughout the summit there will be a fastening system fixed to resistant elements to tie the operator's seat belts and allow their mobility.
  • When it is necessary to work on an external wall that has a floor only on one side and a height greater than 10 m., A scaffold must be established on the other side.
  • When the wall is insulated, without a floor on any side and its height is greater than 6m, the scaffolding will be placed on both sides.
  • On a wall that is less than 35 cm thick, a worker will never be placed.
  • The interior partition must be demolished at the level of each floor, cutting with vertical friction and tipping by pushing that will be done above the point of gravity.
  • The beams, reinforcements and heavy elements will be dismantled by means of pulleys.
  • Avoid leaving excessive distances between horizontal joints of vertical structures.
  • The rubble must be evacuated by hoppers or gutters, so this implies the prohibition of throwing it from the top into a vacuum.
  • Produced debris must be watered on a regular basis to avoid dust removal.

Asbestos Removal

A large part of the buildings to be demolished involve exposure to asbestos. Asbestos removal should only be carried out by specially prepared and equipped contractors. The area from which asbestos is removed needs to be isolated from other parts of the building in the course of work. Before the occupants return to the areas from which the asbestos has been removed, the atmosphere of the rooms must be checked and the results evaluated to ensure that the levels of asbestos fibers contained in the air are below the permissible.

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