How to remove sand render

Hi, we are currently renovating a 70's house in WA. In the laundry they have covered the internal brick wall with a VERY sandy render. We are wanting to remove the render and remove some of the paint on the bricks for a rustic kind of feature wall. Just wondering what the best method for removing this render is? I have started with a thin edge paint scraper but this may take forever!! I thought a sandblasted but not sure how that would go as it is inside. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks - Ashleigh

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Ashleigh Russell

Hi Ashleigh,

Attacking the render with a paint scraper looks like torture... Sandblasting doesn't sound like it'd be ideal for an indoor area either - particularly for what we're guessing is a pretty small room.

A couple of suggestions:

  1. Buy, hire or borrow an SDS hammer drill with a chisel bit (they're not too expensive these days). If you want to do this, find one that has a 'stop rotation mode' so that it'll do the hammering action without rotating the chisel.This kind of setup will take the render off pretty effectively, but you'd obviously have to be extremely careful not to damage the bricks or mortar underneath (or any other part of the room, for that matter).  We can't really tell how brittle or thick the render is from this picture, but there is a chance a hammer drill could be overkill. Either way, that's obviously still really heavy work, and as you can imagine there's plenty of room for serious damage if you don't do it right. 
  2. Get someone in to take care of it for you (the safer, recommended option). There are plenty of good tradies around with all the right tools and years of experience removing render. Getting a professional to do it will save you a lot of effort and grief, cut down on the likelihood of damage to the brickwork, and take the responsibility off your own shoulders.We'd definitely recommend you get a few free quotes for this from our Get Quotes page. Probably won't take an experienced tradesperson too long if it's only the laundry (or part thereof) - certainly worth investigating!


All the best,
The BUILD team