How to renovate a kitchen with Natural Stone

18 April 2022

The word conjures up different things for different people.  For some, they see renovation as taking something old and tired – reinvigorating it into something new and stylish. For others, it’s all about starting fresh, wiping the slate clean and creating something breathtaking.

When planning to renovate, most people start with one of the most important rooms in the entire house, the heart and soul of your home – the kitchen.  It’s where memories and meals are made and families come together.

A full kitchen remodel can be a daunting process and there’s a million things to consider before diving straight in.  The first of which is materials.  Natural stone and porcelain have different pros and cons depending on where they will be placed in your kitchen.



The floor is often the first feature you notice when walking into a kitchen and nothing impresses more than a high-quality natural stone tile.  With stone, you’re assured of durability, functionality, easy maintenance and of course, that timeless sophisticated aesthetic.

Travertine tile, for example, is a trendy fusion of both modern and rustic styles, effortlessly elevating the charm of any kitchen.

But we also understand kitchens can get messy! Food, dust, pets and spills can make white tiles less than sparkling.

If you have a busy, messy kitchen, consider darker stone tiles like the grey Ceppo (Natural Terrazzo). If a speckled, polished stone finish doesn’t work with your colour scheme, make sure you take a look at the porcelain tile options in cream, brown and light grey.



The kitchen countertop is not only the centerpiece of the kitchen, but often the place we prepare and eat our meals!  For this reason, a kitchen renovation needs to include high-quality materials on all countertops.

This means a product that is strong, durable, easily cleaned and look stunning, all at the same time.

The toughness, elegant appearance and durability of natural stones such as granite, marble and quartzite make them an ideal material for a renovated kitchen countertop.

Popular stone benchtops include Tundra GreySuper WhiteBianco CarraraArabescato and Calacatta Marble.


Splashbacks & Wall Coverings

It’s no secret that a stunning kitchen wall redoubles the beauty of the home. That is why backsplashes and wallcoverings are a crucial element in any kitchen renovation.

Traditionally, people used to paint their kitchen walls and even splashbacks. Thankfully now, tastes have changed and glamorous wall coverings and backsplashes are commonplace.  Add in the inclusion of gorgeous stone products and you turn a tired splashback into a feature wall in its own right.  In fact, when renovating your kitchen, a marble splashback can very easily level up the luxury in your home.

Kitchen renovations are all about creating an aesthetic flow between all the different elements – from the kitchen wall and splashback, cabinets, stove and hood all the way to the sink taps and mixers. Natural stone with its various colors and wonderful textures can be matched with all types of equipment.

Imagine the stunning combination of steel and Pietra Grey Marble!

Maybe your kitchen renovation includes golden accents on all your appliances and fixtures? Try pairing it with Calacatta Gold, the most luxurious and most expensive natural stone in the world.  But, if you love the look of luxury but not the price tag, Calacatta Gold Porcelain is a cost-effective alternative, which is just as stylish and beautiful.



No matter which angle you look at it from; natural stone is one of the best and most stylish options for a kitchen renovation.

If you’re looking to renovate your dream kitchen, consider the advantages of remodelling with gorgeous stone products from Pietra Gallery.

We offer natural stone products, porcelain tiles and expert kitchen remodel design tools.

We know how hard it is to find a high-quality and reliable contractor in Melbourne, but rest assured! Pietra Gallery advisors can help you decide which products brings the most value to you.

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