How to replace a toilet seat

How to replace a broken toilet seat 
Replacing a toilet seat is almost as simple as unbolting it and then bolting another on in its place.

When a toilet seat is worn out it can make for uncomfortable use. When a toilet seat is broken though, it can be dangerous to sit on, so should be replaced immediately. Fortunately, changing a toilet seat is one of the easiest repair jobs you can do in a bathroom - and has the potential to add a whole new look to your toilet.


Buy a new toilet seat

The first step is to buy your new toilet seat. Since most toilets are rounded, you should have no problems finding one that fits and suits the rest of your bathroom, though if you have an elongated bowl, this may be a little trickier to do as you will need a different shaped seat. There are all sorts of different toilet seats available, so if you're feeling like a change of scenery this would be a very good opportunity to make a bit of a change!


Remove the old toilet seat

Next, check the nuts that hold your current seat in place. In most cases they are wing nuts which are easy to undo by hand, though you may need to apply some oil if the bolts are corroded. Older toilets may use regular nuts or worse, ones that are recessed. Use a wrench to undo them, or a deep socket wrench if a normal one won’t reach. Be careful here as with one slip of the wrench you may chip your toilet, or even completely break it!


If you still can’t reach the nuts, you’ll need to cut through them with a hacksaw. Put tape down on the bowl anywhere you think the blade is likely to rub against and again, exercise extreme caution when using metal tools around porcelain. Once the bolts are removed, clean the area thoroughly and dispose of the old toilet seat, along with the old bolts. Most new toilet seats will come with new nuts and bolts.


Attach the new toilet seat

Now, you should be free to mount the new seat. Match up the bolts with the holes and tighten the nuts. Be careful here not to over-tighten as you may want to remove the seat again someday. Check the lid and seat don’t wobble around when in any position, up or down, and adjust as necessary. Your new toilet seat is now ready to use.