How to select the correct tile for any space

16 February 2022

Deciding to renovate your home is exciting, and when it comes to tiles, knowing what to select, where to install them, and how to make your vision come to life is priceless.  

But with the abundance of tile styles currently trending, even the most discerning home renovators are overwhelmed at the prospect of selecting the right style and tile. 

According to Beaumont Tiles’ Strategic Designer Rachel Gilding, there are many contributing factors to selecting the right tile for your project – the first and foremost rule being that you love the tile.  

"Often people can overthink styling, so always go with your gut and choose a design style and product options that make you smile every time you see them. From there the rest is easy," Rachel says.  

There are different approaches to selecting tiles, based on whether this is a continuing project or if you’re starting from scratch.

Rachel encourages people to look at the home’s overall design narrative in the case of the former, while having a clear goal in sight is important when starting a brand new project.

"A popular combination we see in our stores is Wanderlust with touches of Traditional and Farmhouse. This trio creates a calming at-home vibe that plays to Aussies’ love of indoors-out living.”  

Here are Rachel's handy tips on what to consider when choosing the perfect floor, wall, or decorative tile to suit any space. 

Size matters 

"Small tiles and mosaics work well in just about any space. They're particularly perfect for bathrooms where the basin, toilet and shower are quite close together, as they can fold neatly around without messy cut lines," Rachel explains. 

Larger tiles, she says, can visually expand the size of a room. In addition, they tend to look better in bigger spaces as they can be laid without cuts and with fewer grout lines, helping with the visual flow. 

"Decorative tiles are perfect for adding a unique design or contrasting tone to your room without being too over the top. They come in a range of sizes, making them the perfect choice for subtly dividing up the feel of a room,” she adds.

Colour choice 

Using just one colour can make a space appear larger and using the same colour grout as your tile will heighten this effect. 

"If a space is quite confined, consider using light coloured tiles as they will reflect the light more than darker colours, giving an airier and spacious feel," Rachel says.

She recommends using natural colours to create a seamless flow from the inside to the outdoors. If you are planning to sell, choosing neutral palettes will provide a more subtle finish and will more likely appeal to a broader audience.  

Pick a pattern

Tiling diagonally is one of the simplest ways to create a tile pattern. The layout also has an expanding effect and visually widens the space. 

"Whether you're tiling a bathroom, living room floor or kitchen backsplash, the running bond pattern will look great. Using rectangle tiles, running bond creates a staggered pattern, yet a cohesive and elegant look." 

The herringbone pattern is designed to resemble the skeleton of a herring fish and creates an elegant yet intricate look. It's constructed with rectangular tiles at a 45-degree angle to create a 'V'. 

Help is always at hand

Never be afraid to ask for help from those in the know, as there are many resources and people out there who can help guide you through the tile selection and design process.  

"At Beaumont’s, we find our customers are becoming bolder with their design choices. They want the wow factor but are not sure where to start," Rachel says.

"Often people have fallen in love with a tile or style but are unsure how it will look once installed. That's why we've developed a selection of tools to simplify the process for everyone from mum and dad renovators right through to professional builders.”

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