How to Stylishly Screen Casement and Awning Windows

07 March 2019

Screening casement and awning windows have not always been available as an option for your next building or renovation project. Thankfully, nowadays, screens are discreet and fit perfectly into both design and practicality, and is a choice most Australians opt for.

Screening not only adds a protective layer to prevent insects and dust from entering but can also prevent potential break and enters.

With the option to add fly screens, these windows can be used or removed whenever needed, allowing for easy maintenance. For example, during the cooler months when the window won’t be open that often, the screens can be removed and kept in storage to be kept clean. During the warmer months, when windows are open more often, the screens can be popped back on and allow for ventilation throughout the home.

There is also the option to add retractable screens on all type of aluminium awning windows designs which could reduce the time it takes to install or remove the screens during change of seasons. These screens sit on top of the window frame, easily rolling down when needed and retracting when not in use.

What are awning windows?

Awning windows are a sleek and slim style window that fit perfectly into any style home. They open outwards and are retractable, allowing for fresh air and design to remain uncompromised.

 In addition to this, awning windows are a safe option for when wanting to leave the window partly open but at the same time don’t want any unwanted visitors entering the house.

 Awning windows are often referred to as cranking windows because they use a cranking system to open up. This cranking system works in alignment with The National Construction Code (NCC) for windows, which requires certain restrictions to reduce the number of accidents with children falling from windows.

How can awning window designs suit your style home?

Awning designs add a certain style and character to your home. They can be small and compact or larger in size to suit different rooms in the house and the best part is that they are so flexible in design, that you can place them anywhere without having to worry that they won’t be easy to access.

With various style options such as awning, fixed awning or all awning windows, you are given an option to enhance the design of your home and incorporate awning windows appropriately to your space. Awning windows come in a range of high quality designs including standard and larger sizes.

Newer designs also hide the hardware and security screens within the frame. Not only do you want them to look nice, but you no longer have to worry about performance when it comes to awning windows.

Awning windows are an efficient option that will reduce month to month energy costs. Their composition allows for natural insulation which is not only an effective option for your overheads but also better for the environment, in turn, reducing your carbon footprint.

With superior stability and strength as well as use of quality materials, awning windows are the perfect choice for your home!


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