Hustling a social season reno: Five quick hacks

08 November 2023

Aussies are looking for the best tips and tricks so that their home is sparkling and ready to welcome guests for the social season filled with pool parties, festivities and a few barbecues along the way.

Sprucing up your property can make you the envy of guests and neighbours alike while creating the go-to address for good times and relaxation. 

At this time of year, Beaumont Tiles is experiencing an increase in consumers asking in-store for the best tips to get their homes ready for the exciting social season ahead. 

Beaumont Tiles design specialist Christie Wood says strategically selecting a few features to re-energise a space can make all the difference in making your home ready, being about having the know-how to pick and how to get the job done quickly.

“Getting the right advice to create your dream reno can make all the difference to how quickly you can get it done,” Christie says.

“Choosing just one or two spaces to do up with a few hacks can make for a gorgeous build that you and your guests can enjoy in no time.”

To help get started with a quick home makeover, Christie shares her top five hassle-free hacks to hustle a social season reno.

Hack 1: Cover up the main floor

Living spaces are high-traffic areas and they experience high visibility when having guests around, making it a must-do space come social season. To make the big job of replacing old flooring easy, Christie says hybrid flooring is a fast fix that completely changes the look of your room.

Floors need to be prepared flat, solid and secure with suitable expansion joints on the border before installation and reading the manufacturer's installation guide before starting is essential. Once this is done, all that’s required are some basic tools.

Hack 2: Scrub up your grout 

Cleaning your grout can be overlooked regularly when Aussies are cleaning the house so refreshing it can give any space a wonderful glow-up, especially if you’re renting.

Removal of dirt and debris is recommended before a low-toxic regime of warm water and a microfibre cloth to remove a lot of the grime in between the tiles takes place. 

If mould or mildew on the grout is visible, Christie says using Lithofin KF Mildew Away spray will make sure the space is ready to go for visitors.

Hack 3: Transform your tapware

Swapping tapware is a cost-effective way to breathe life into wet areas of the home and is an easy DIY project that can be done quickly to deliver glowing results.

“The trick with this one is to keep your configuration the same, so replace splitter taps with another splitter, or replace mixer taps with mixer taps to keep things simple,” Christie says.

Changing the colouring or design with your new tapware like a brushed copper, a look like the Lina Basin Mixer Brushed Copper from the HAUS25 range can also do the trick for your reno, according to Christie.

Hack 4: Elevate your outdoor floors

Outdoor areas can be sad spaces particularly if you are renting and can’t renovate the tired tiles. Adding pedestals with pavers over this space can be an excellent choice.

For better drainage and to create a handy space underneath to hide your garden hose, cables and pipes, pedestals can be used to elevate your pavers above the ground.

Other than being easy to install and to move about, Christie says pavers don’t require a lot of time to have a great outdoor area before Christmas: “Try using pedestals with a 20mm paver like Forte Ceppo Grigio Textured to create beautiful space for your summer barbecues that bring the best out of your space.”

Hack 5: Clean up your outdoor tiles

Often your outdoor area can be neglected, particularly during the colder months which leads to them becoming stained by leaves and becoming a bit dirty.

Before taking to your porcelain pavers with a high-pressure washer, begin by sweeping away dirt and leaves before using a strong bristled broom to to wash away the grime. A cleaner like Miracle Tile & Stone Cleaner can then be used for that extra clean.


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