Indoor plants for your Interior Design

30 April 2020

In today’s living environment, especially if you are in a very busy and active city, there is a small percentage of chances to alleviate the stress. Nature gives this natural feeling of relaxation that every weary soul needs. Incorporating nature to your living space confers calmness and peace also to the dwellers.

Home Interior designs nowadays give emphasis to indoor plants integrated into different styles. There are different kinds of indoor plants with benefits that anyone can take advantage of. Here are some indoor plants that you can take advantage of integrating it with your interior designs.

Indoor plants for interior designs, Luxedesign


Their length gives the space an impression of a higher ceiling. The more leaves it grows, the cleaner and fresher air you’ll have inside your space.  Areca Palm tree, Bamboo, and Weeping Fig are examples of tree type indoor plants that you can incorporate to your interior design. 


Adding flowers into your space integrates colors that gives accent to the interior design. A pot of Peace Lily, Flaming Katy, Kaffir Lily, or maybe a vase of your favorite assorted flowers will not only add some colors but also some floral fragrant that will suit and calm your senses.


Cacti are natural absorbents of carbon dioxide which they transform into carbohydrates that serve as their food in order to release oxygen for us humans. It also emits other toxins in the air which causes respiratory problems. Rat's Tail, Peruvian Apple, Easter Cactus try these low maintenance indoor plants to your space to add more texture as well.


These kinds of indoor plants are mainly for decorations and aesthetic purposes. Usually hanged at the corners of interiors and balconies. In modern interior designs, hanging and trailing indoor plants were added to interior accent-walls that serves as forest imitation. The Heartleaf Philodendron, Rabbit's Foot, and Wandering Jew are best for house interiors.


Typically seen and used as home decoration but some are also beneficial mainly to our health. Aloe Vera is an indoor plant at the same time as a medicinal plant. To those who are a bit of culinary enthusiasts, definitely a bunch of herbs is essential in their kitchen like a pot of Rosemary,Basil, Chives, Lemon Balm, Marjoram, Mint, Oregano, and Parsley. Some other common indoor plants that you might want to add to your design are Zee Zee Plant, Spider Plant, and Jade Plant.

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