Inside-out: Beaumont introduces Pompeii

12 September 2022

Tile and bathroom ware retailer Beaumont Tiles has added a new range of tiles to its collection.

The Pompeii range of travertine look colour-bodied porcelain tiles and pavers will enable Aussies to bring the opulence of a five-star European hotel to their home.

The range, available in Crema or Grigio, oozes the classical elegance that translates over numerous styles and cultures, and is perfect for a wide range of applications. 

Whether it’s for bathrooms, verandas, living spaces or even around pool areas, Pompeii Travertine Crema Microtec Textured and Pompeii Travertine Grigio Microtec Textured - available in 600mm x 600mm or 298.0mm x 600.0mm - is the perfect choice thanks to its innovative Microtec finish.

Exclusive to Beaumonts, Microtec is an advanced glazing technology that is durable, has a high slip rating and resists exposure to chemicals and the changing weather.

The Pompeii Travertine Grigio Structured Textured 20mm Paver and Pompeii Travertine Grigio Structured Textured 20mm Paver is another beautiful addition to the range with very flexible outdoor applications such as driveways, stepping stones or a wonderful courtyard dry lay.

Rachel Gilding, Beaumont’s design specialist, says the Pompeii range is perfect for installing in Aussie renos thanks to its fantastic flexibility.

“Using the Pompeii Microtec range can create a seamless flow from your living area into your back garden, giving a spacious and luxurious feel that the Mediterranean style is all about,” she says, adding: “This style oozes outdoor oasis and warmly welcomes people to your garden. For some welcome additions, try adding organic and tactile elements such as timber and natural materials to your space.

Rachel says the paves are another fantastic addition to the Pompeii range and have numerous outdoor uses.

“You can install this sophisticated paver with ease on driveways, around pools, a garden path or even on balconies thanks to their UV stability and all-round durability”


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