Insulation for different areas

Heat doesn't travel uniformly in every direction, and your home doesn't use the same shapes and materials for the roof, walls, windows, doors and floor. For those reasons, the thermal insulation requirements for the different parts of your home are likely to be different from each other. Learn how much heat is lost through the different areas of your home, and how to properly insulate roofs, walls, windows, doors and floors.

Roof insulation

Your roof is extremely important when it comes to insulation. Not only does the sun beat down on it all day, but it also helps prevent warmth from escaping in winter. Find out how to insulate your roof.

Wall insulation

Thermal insulation is particularly important for walls too. How well your walls are insulated can make a serious difference to how hot your house gets - particularly for east and west facing walls.

Floor insulation

Find out how effective under-floor insulation and concrete slab insulation is for conserving energy and keeping your home cool or warm.

Door insulation

Not all doors are created equal - some will allow lots heat in or out of your home through the body of the door, and allow air to pass around the edges. Find out what makes for a well-insulated door.

Window insulation

Windows are responsible for most of the natural heat loss or heat gain in most homes. Find out how to effectively insulate your home's windows and glass doors.