Insulation regulations

Depending on what the climate's like where you live in Australia, different regulations apply to the amount and type of insulation that needs to be installed. Likewise, to prevent house fires, very specific rules exist to determine how insulation needs to be installed around things like downlights and chimney flues. To some extent, how you install insulation will also be affected by government regulations on the need for daylight and ventilation in your home. Read more about the sorts of regulations that will affect your insulation.

A halogen dichroic downlight

Are downlights a fire hazard?

We've all heard the disastrous tales about house fires caused when insulation's caught fire as a result of contact with downlights - but are they always hazardous? Get the truth about insulation and downlights.

Ventilation and lighting regulations

While insulation is vital to controlling the climate in your home, laws also exist to ensure that fresh air and light are available throughout new houses. Find out what these rules are, and how they relate to insulation.

BCA requirements for insulation

The Building Code of Australia sets out specific rules about how houses need to be insulated. Find out more about what's required for your house, in your state or territory.

Asbestos and asbestos sheeting

Asbestos, which was used for many years as an insulation material, can pose a serious risk to anyone renovating a home. Find out more about what to do if you suspect you have asbestos insulation in your home.