Interior Design in Your Studio Apartments

11 March 2020


Studio-type apartments that can create a very spacious living space when it is designed correctly, even though there is only one room; usually preferred by people or students who live alone.

Since studio apartments are usually in a site or residence, they offer life-facilitating solutions for people working like a gym, pool, sauna, hairdresser, market. It has become a very practical lifestyle solution especially for people working in traffic-intensive areas. Offering a relatively low cost, easy-to-clean living space, studio-type apartments also offer rich options in terms of such opportunities.

Studio Apartments Can Be Shaped According To Your Needs

The important thing is which area you want to be more prominent and your needs come into play here. For example, if you are a person who spends more time in the kitchen, it would be better to give a large share here. Your interior design will be efficient and useful as it becomes personal. Since studio apartments should fit all parts of the house in a limited space, it should be based on providing a bright and spacious environment. For this reason, living room decoration is very important especially in this type of small houses. Decoration errors in studio apartments may cause your apartment, which is not very large in terms of square meters, to be useless and give a narrow feeling.


Spacious and Comfortable Decorations

First of all, it is necessary to draw an approximate map of your apartment and determine areas such as eating-in, sleeping, working. Our advice would be to divide the area into sections. It is possible to create a sense of spaciousness in your home by using elegant screens and partition systems that will not stifle the space. If you own a studio apartment, it is important to be open to creative solutions for space separators. Because if the glass wall you want, instead of using bamboo plants, it may be more suitable for the interior design in your mind. It will also bring a more convenient solution in terms of cost.


Inspiration Board

Considering your expectations for each area, you can prepare sections of the house and possible interior solutions for each section with a few scribble drawings on paper. In addition, preparing a mood board to make your dream style come true while decorating your home will make your job very easy and will put the project in mind into a big picture. With its widespread use, your mood board, your inspiration board, can be an empty wall. After you divide it into areas such as bedroom, kitchen, select the colors you want to use on your inspiration board. In this way, you will reduce the research of all the details you want in a house such as furniture, lighting systems, curtains in the style you like to this color scale. It's time to find them.

Furniture Selection in Studio Apartments

The sine qua non of the systems and furniture issues to be used in studio flats is the functionality factor. Designs such as multi-purpose wheelchairs, pop-up dining tables, portable laptop tables and wooden benches can sometimes be used in more than one area and in different options, while adding functionality, saving space. Throughout the entire design process, besides saving space and functionality, providing a sense of spaciousness is also very important. If these three affect everything in the whole process, you are using your apartment to its fullest potential. The rest is entirely up to your taste. The sites related to interior designs allow you to create whatever you want among hundreds of designs in different styles. There are even applications that you can download on your phone. If you hung the pieces of your taste on the inspiration board, you can start implementing the project calendar.


Starting work by planning the project calendar will bring clarity to the event. First of all, let's write in which numbers you want to decorate your apartment in large numbers. Let's see how many days you have. This will keep you in a realistic perception while doing job sequencing. We recommend that you mark the days you set as an idea with the people who will do the work for the departments that you have separated on the project calendar. If every detail is written on the calendar, it is possible to complete your job by getting a realistic idea.

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