Interior stone cladding on plywood

In my apartment, behind the TV panel, i have covered the wall (to a height of 7 ft) with marine plywood. I want to fix cladding stones on the plywood. What is the recommended adhesive to stick the cladding stones on plywood?

Please note that i'm also planning to have cladding stones on concrete wall and there i'm planning to use tile adhesive from weber ( In case of fixing cladding stone plywood, i could not find a suitable adhesive, i would really appreciate your help here.


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Hi Kuds,

We would not advise sticking stone to plywood.

It would be better to:

1. Ask the stone supplier if this is recommended and if it is, what adhesive to use

2. If not, can the plywood be faced with FC sheeting

3. Then, what is the recommended adhesive for FC sheeting.

Also, apologies for the delay in this reply - we had a technical issue that was preventing replies from being sent out.

The BUILD team


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