Is It Possible To Light Up Kitchen Kickboards Cost-Effectively?

25 April 2018

Kickboards lighting can be a beautiful adornment for a kitchen. Soft lighting is perfect for the evening, be it a nice lamp on the counter or through cabinet lighting. The incorporated lighting options are something opulent, which can cost you extra. Nonetheless, there is an affordable way to add this sort of kickboard lighting feature to your kitchen without draining your pocket. Moreover, this can be achieved effortlessly, which makes all the difference.

You’ll require the following things:

  • Remote control socket or timer socket
  • Double-adaptor socket
  • Decking lights
  • 25mm Drill Bit

In addition, you’ll require the following tools:

  1. Pencil
  2. Ruler
  3. Tape measure
  4. Drill

 Well, you can buy a set of 10 decking lights from a store near you or through a reputed dealer online. Take out the kickboards from beneath your kitchen benchtop cabinets. Use a pencil and a tape measure to measure the length of each kickboard and then divide it equally to ascertain where the lights should be fitted. For instance, if the kitchen kickboard is longer, you can fit around 3 to 4 lights and you can fit one light each on the smaller kickboards. Assuming you have bought a 2-inch diameter decking lights having a 1-inch insert - in this case, then you’ll need a 1-inch drill bit to drill the holes into the kickboards.

  • Place your kickboard on a poised stool to lift it slightly above the floor. Systematically and carefully, drill out a hole for each light previously marked.
  • Better to perform this job outside to save yourself from sweeping up all the sawdust from your kitchen.
  • Once the holes are drilled, sand them swiftly to make them smooth.
  • Next, you require pushing each light into the hole and connect the wires together. To connect them all, just push the ends together. It’s that easy!
  • Now, all you have to do is clip the kickboards back on and plug the lights into a socket.

Bingo! That’s all done. 

However, if your kitchen doesn’t have an easy to reach socket hidden at the back of your cupboards with a handy switch, then you’ll need to use a double adaptor socket and a timer switch. Plug a double adaptor socket into the washing machine socket (that’s available), and then plug a timer socket into one and the washing machine’s into the other. Next, you need to set your time switch to the time you want your lights to switch on and switch off. For instance, you can set it up to switch on at 6:30 pm and switch off at 10:30 pm.

Alternatively, you can purchase compact sockets with remote control that’s available in a retail outlet near you or from reputed e-commerce shopping sites, which will allow you to switch on the lights as well as switch off the lights using the remote control at any time you wish.

The Bottom Line

Kickboards are a fantastic embellishment for any kitchen or area that requires pristine space along with great looks. You can buy kitchen kickboards or furniture kickboards from established and reputed dealers in Sydney.