Jarrah decking and pergolas

Jarrah is extremely durable, and naturally resistant to things like rot, termites and weather.
Image courtesy of WoodSolutions.

What is Jarrah?

Jarrah is a native Australian eucalypt found in Western Australia. It is classified as a hardwood and is naturally termite and decay resistant. While the wood is workable when green, it hardens with age to such a degree that normal woodworking tools are no longer effective. This makes it very desirable for outdoor applications like decks and pergolas, especially around wet areas.

Jarrah can even be used in the construction of hot tubs or spas, thanks to the fact that it's so resistant to rot. Its rich dark red brown colouring and beautiful grain don’t diminish over time, and much of the jarrah used in decking has been recycled from housing materials.


Key properties 
  • Extremely durable hardwood
  • Long lasting deep red grain, uniform colouring
  • Naturally resistant to rot, termites and weather

What is jarrah used for?

Jarrah is an attractive wood that can be used either for decking or pergola framing, as well as for associated purposes like balustrades and stairs. Recycled jarrah has already been aged and hardened, so requires less maintenance than green jarrah - although the size of recycled boards is limited to what can be recovered from building sites.


  • Very tough and durable timber.
  • Long lasting natural protection against weather and termites.
  • Close grain wood retains its natural colouring for longer.
  • Aged jarrah requires special tools to work the wood.
  • Care is required when nailing to avoid splitting.