Jump online to discover ‘what’s my style?’

03 February 2022

Styling your perfect dream home can make you the envy of the street and add significant value to your home. 

But the abundance of interior design styles trending on the world stage can overwhelm even the most discerning home renovators. 

To help you out, Beaumont Tiles has enhanced its famous What's My Style online tool to reflect the new styles hitting our shores, including Wanderlust, Farmhouse and Mediterranean. 

Launched in 2017, the online tool has become a go-to for many renovators, with over 236,800 respondents completing the quiz in 2021 alone. 

What's My Style helps identify your style from the top ten global interior design trends based on your tastes and responses to a three-minute quiz and sends you a personalised style booklet. It's like having a personal stylist there to help you nail the current trends with complete confidence, no matter your budget. 

It then recommends an on-trend style guide to achieve your designer look of must-haves for each room, including colours, standout furnishings, signature fittings, tiles and bathroom ware, all curated to evoke creativity and design flair.

Seeing first-hand how difficult it is for many people to get their style right inspired Beaumont Tiles to team up their strategic design team with Rapid Reno guru Naomi Findlay and other fellow interior design experts to launch the Beaumont’s What's My Style online tool.

Beaumont Tiles strategic designer Rachel Gilding says Australian homeowners are more inspired than ever to design their homes in a way that expresses their personality.

"At Beaumont’s, we find our customers are becoming bolder with their design choices. They want the wow factor but are not sure where to start,” she says.

"The upgraded Beaumont’s What's My Style demystifies the intricacies of interior design and shows users how to create their style confidently, like a pro.”

She says that it does more than inspire, but helps users to achieve the look they’re after by pinpointing their style and outlining the exact elements required to nail the look – with all products readily available in Australia.

"From concept to completion, Beaumont’s What's My Style is your ultimate personal design advisor, created to unlock the style that is you. It not only helps define a style but also considers your budget and whether you're designing your own home, or a property you plan to sell."

Beaumont’s have simplified its customers' renovation journey even more with its BeVisual Live augmented reality vision tool. It allows customers to see in real time what main floor tiles would look like in any room of their home.  

"BeVisual Live completely redefines how our customers can make product selection choices. It's as simple as snapping a photo of the room, selecting the main floor tile and having the ability to see it in real time," Rachel says. 

"Choosing main floor tiles is often the most challenging of product selection as it's the main feature of many homes – it creates the foundation that the rest of the project is built upon.  

"BeVisual live lets you take a ‘try before you buy’ approach to selections, and the best part is that it allows our customers from anywhere in the world to e-mail their ideas to friends or contractors.

The upgraded Beaumonts What's My Style, showcases products from Beacon Lighting, Freedom and Dulux, is now live at www.BeaumontsWhatsMyStyle.com.au and features 10 celebrity stylist led design styles.


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