Key Steps to Check and Fix Gas Leaks Problems at Home

26 February 2020

Gas leakages are common incidents but pose a significant danger in most of the homes. If you face the problem of gas leaks at home, you should immediately look for professionals to fix the problem. Simultaneously, you have to take some steps on your own to resolve the issue in no time and without any damage to life and property. 

Step 1: Selection of an Expert to Resolve Gas Leakage

1. Select a Reliable and Eligible Person

You have to choose a reliable expert capable of handling even the minor gas leaks in your home. Also, he or she should be an excellent communicator to explain the problem in detail.

2. Check Both the Skills and the Experience Level

Skill is very much essential for the selection of an expert to resolve gas leakage problems. Also, you have to select the one with enough practical experience. Reason or this is that specialists may handle hurdles of different types and emergencies, which help them to enhance their skills.

3. Look for the Machineries Used by the Experts

Right professionals often buy up-to-date machinery to deal with cooking gas and pipe problems. Also, experts use premium tools to enhance their work quality and speed up the total delivery time. 

Step 2: Stay Aware with the Reasons for Both Inside and Outside Leaks

1. Inside Gas Leaks

Inside gas leaks may cause because of leaky pipes’ fittings because of cracked or corroded pipes and accidental damage to a cooking gas pipe, like construction work in the building. These types of leaks may even take place because of a faulty connection or appliance to the gas pipes of the respective building.

2. Outside Gas Leaks

Outside gas leaks may take place because of cracks or pipe corrosion caused by shifting of soil beneath the street. This type of situation takes place during the extensive flood from the storm, breakage in the main water supply and when there is excessive thawing or freezing of the ground, especially during the harsh winter months. Leaks may even take place whenever the pipelines cause accidental damages during the excavation of streets. 

Step 3: Points to Remember Related to Gas Leakage Safety

Other than approaching experts to fix gas leaks, you have to remember a few of the points while encountering gas leakage problem at home. These are:-

  1. You should leave your home immediately and approach local professionals to turn off the gas connection if you notice an overwhelming smell of gas. 
  2. You should make sure to get an insured and a licensed plumber to accomplish the task with enough safety.
  3. It would help you to strictly avoided any open flame or to avoid smoking near the gas smell area.
  4. You should stay aware of the gas shut off valves and possess the knowledge to operate them to handle emergencies. 
  5. You should strictly avoid attempting gas repairs on own.  Instead, give a call to your local plumbing professional or your gas company to resolve the issue. 

Step 4: Inspection by Experts According to Types 1, 2, 2A and 3 Leakage Problems 

Type 1 Leakage

A type 1 type of gas leakage dues its relative magnitude and location, while constitutes a substantial potential hazard to both the public and surrounding buildings. This type of leakage often takes place whenever a contractor damages the gas pipe. This needs consistent attention until the leak issue becomes safe, while you need daily inspection until and unless permanent repair of gas leaks completes. 

Type 2 and Type 2A Leakages

Type 2 and type 2A leakages do not pose any immediate threat and depending on the leakage’s location, and the amount of gas present, an inspection of such leaks is done. The frequency of investigation, in this case, ranges between two weeks and two months period, while the repair is essential within six months period to up to one year. 

Type 3 Leakage

Type 3 type of leakage does not pose any hazard, and it requires an annual inspection for the safety. However, in the case of type 3 leakage, homeowners do not need any repair.

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