Kitchen Bench - Height allowance of bench between a join

I would like to know the allowable Australian Standard to height variation on a kitchen benchtop between a join.

Our bench which is only 7mm in height and sits on a 33mm substrate is uneven between one of the two joins.

As you can see in the attached photo we've put a spirit level on the join to show how it's not flush.

The join is on a standard 600mm benchtop and the height variation starts approx 15mm from the benchtop edge and all the way to tiles.



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Pru Gallagher

Hi Pru,

Thank you for sending in your question.

AS/NZS4386.1:1996 Domestic kitchen assemblies Part 1:Kitchen units is the relevant standard; however we do not have access to its contents.

It would appear that regardless of the Australian Standard, unacceptable workmanship has gone into the installation of your kitchen bench and the cabinet maker should be able to come back and level it out.

Have you sent an image of the spirit level to your cabinet maker and requested he come and fix the bench? He may just need to pack one side to level the bench out.

Perhaps sending him an image with the level horizontal across the bench (rather than vertical) is advised.

Good luck



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Pru Gallagher

Thanks for your quick feedback. Unfortunately the company will not admit that there is an issue and refuse to fix the benchtop.

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