Kitchen pantries

Kitchen pantries 
A space to store larger items at the bottom of the pantry is
always a good idea.

The kitchen pantry is essential to kitchen storage, allowing you to store and arrange all of your food items that don't need refrigeration in one place. Depending on the design of your kitchen or your storage needs, there are several types of pantry to choose from:


Standard pantry sizes


The size of any pantry you install depends very much on the amount of space you have available, and where you're hoping to install it (for example: in a corner, or against a straight wall). A relatively modest, standard sized diagonal corner pantry might be 1000mm high, 1000mm wide and 600mm deep. A two door corner pantry might be 1935mm high (some are as high as 2127mm), 1000mm wide and 600mm deep.


Walk-in pantries

If you're building a walk in pantry, it'll need to be fitted into your plans from the outset, and custom built as a small, separate room.

The pantry doorway and centre aisle should be at least 750mm wide, to allow the passage of bags or boxes and to give you some room to manoeuvre.
Unlike smaller cupboard-style pantries, walk-in pantries need lighting and electricity, which needs to be installed by a registered electrician. Walk in pantries normally use stand alone shelving made of wood or laminate, and provide a larger space underneath the shelving for bulkier items as well as shallower shelves higher up around teh walls for easier access.


In-wall pantries

Pantries recessed into walls are ideal for smaller kitchens, and usually comes with pull out shelving, slide out or roll out drawers and similar mechanisms to allow you to conveniently fit more in. Swing out systems can also be fit in deep corners to allow for complete access. Pantries recessed into walls in small kitchens often use pocketed sliding doors or bifold doors to help save space.


Alternatives to dedicated pantries

If you're not keen on having a standalone pantry or would prefer to convert existing spaces for this purpose, Wire basket systems can be installed into regular kitchen cabinets for convenient storage of food. Likewise, storage racks can easily be fitted to walls, or onto the back of cabinet doors.