Kitchen storage performance considerations


Balancing and planning storage spaces in your kitchen can be an art, especially if you're a little restricted in your design choices. Read on for advice on how much storage space you'll need, and how to make the most of it from a practical perspective.

How much kitchen storage space do I need?

When planning your kitchen, it's vital to ensure that you take into account just how much space you'll need, and for what sorts of things. Find out how much storage space you should plan for in your kitchen.

Standard height, width and depth of kitchen cupboards

Standard height, width and depth of kitchen cupboards

Sizes and dimensions are generally standard in Australia, however you can customise your kitchen to suit your tastes or requirements. To ensure that you're getting the right sized cabinets, it's wise to do the following:

Under shelf lighting

Under-shelf and in-cabinet lighting

Localised lights in and under cabinets can make your kitchen a far safer and easier place to work. Find out more about how under-cabinet and in-cabinet lights could improve your kitchen.

Built-in appliances in cabinets

Having appliances built in can help to bring order to your kitchen - and goes a long way when you're really trying for a certain 'look'! Find out what sorts of appliances can be built-in, and what's involved.