Kitchen styles


Designing your kitchen to be faithful to a particular style doesn't mean it's going to be boring or predictable. It does, however, help to ensure that everything fits together beautifully, and that there's an overall theme. A tastefully styled kitchen can add a huge amount of value to your home, too.

Find out more about different kitchen styles and what they normally involve.

Modern or contemporary kitchens

These days, modern or contemporary style kitchens are normally subtle and restrained in terms of detail, and incorporate lots of solid, flat surfaces rather than ornate decorative features.

Minimalist kitchens

As the name suggests, minimalist kitchens employ flat, straight surfaces, muted colours and ultra-modern appliances and fittings. Minimalist kitchens look striking, but may not be practical for every home.

Provincial or country style kitchens

Kitchens in the 'French Provincial' style typically feature white, panelled cabinetry, decorative edging, knobs and handles, light-coloured timber surfaces and other aspects of the style, reminiscent of provincial France.

Outdoor kitchen design

Outdoor kitchen design

The days of the old Aussie barbecue in the backyard have changed dramatically. Find out how an outdoor kitchen can transform your entertaining areas.