The kitchen tap takes centre stage

05 May 2022

With the kitchen considered the living, beating heart of a home, it’s no surprise that renovating or building a new kitchen will reach record volumes in 2022.  The kitchen accommodates everything from culinary adventures to entertaining and socialising with friends and family, so when considering a change, ensuring that the design and its function work to meet these requirements is more important than ever.

Open-plan, larger kitchens are now commonplace with many people preferring not to close off this communal space. Integrating accessories that are designed in harmony with the environment, as well as reflecting your personal preferences is key.

When it comes to selecting your kitchen tap, the humble kitchen tap is no longer just about function. Kitchen tapware choices are plentiful and choosing the correct one for your kitchen requires careful consideration and research. There are numerous options available offering new technology and a range of finishes and colours. Here are some tips to look for when choosing your kitchen tapware.

Kitchen layout

Choosing a tap just on its appearance may let you down. The size and shape of your sink and how many people will be using the tap need to be thought through. The placement of where it sits also has a major impact on what type of tap will suit the space. For example, is the tap to be placed within the sink, on a wall or on the countertop? Make sure you have a correct understanding of your kitchen layout before purchasing.

Form and function

When you are clear of where your kitchen tap will be placed, then decide on the particular function of the tapware. You may require long-necked tapware to create more space in the basin to wash pots and other larger utensils, or you may wish to have a pull-down option for ease and versatility allowing a greater range of movement in and around the sink.

Designed to enhance not only your kitchen space but also your lifestyle, the Culinary Urban Pull Out Sink Mixer from Methven features the latest in tapware innovation and design and offers you more options for your day-to-day kitchen tasks.

With a stylish design, it will sit comfortably in any modern kitchen. Alternatively, the Methven Culinary Gaston Pull Down Sink Mixer has the versatility of a pull-out or pull-down spray option, designed to enhance not only the kitchen space but also the homeowner’s lifestyle, delivering a higher degree of moveability in and around the sink with an extendable hose for spray flexibility.

Stylish space savers

Choices are also endless for those who do not require a high or large tap or have minimal space. There are many mixer combinations available to suit a variety of designer styles. If you are looking for clean lines and a strong, dynamic form, Methven’s Kiri sink mixer offers solid architectural style as a feature piece in your kitchen. With a built-in swivel action and the ability to adjust water flow to minimise splashback, it’s perfect for a small space.

There is no need to sacrifice aesthetics for performance. Whilst colour, material and finish are the key drivers for personal expression within your kitchen, technology now contributes to an enhanced water experience. Keep in mind your preference for appearance and water delivery, plan well and your kitchen tap can elevate the look of your entire kitchen.

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