Knowing the Difference between a Smart TV and an Android TV

26 February 2018

A sizable number of the population have difficulty understanding the basic differences between various sorts of electronics and for those that are not too tech-savvy, understanding the difference between a smart and an Android television can be quite baffling! A lot of people will tell you that they both are pretty much the same while a few might disagree, stating similarity does not make two electronics the same.

To solve this mystery and put an end to your troubles, let us help you understand the differences between the two. Here are the basics to help you differentiate between the two:

Smart TVs:

These are known for being equipped with an in-built application that helps make life more convenient by allowing you to connect to the internet to make use of these applications such as Netflix that can be watched easily using the application and the internet connection.

The Pros:

  1. It can be considered to be the complete package with everything you need in single electronic item
  2. The process of using the television is made easier with a single remote to operate it avoiding confusion of multiple remotes.  

The cons:

  1. investing in this option can be an expensive choice to make.
  2. Applications are limited in number. 

Android TVs:

This can be compared to your mobile device where it can connect to the Google play store and be operated by voice. However, it is unable to make and receive phone calls as a phone would. Android boxes are a separate option that helps convert any system into a smart system. 

The Pros:

  1. A budget-friendly choice to make.
  2. The number of applications is limitless. 

The Cons:

  1. Can prove to the opposite of user friendly to those not equipped with the knowledge of its interface.
  2. Buying the TV box will only be an extra addition to another box to your television set up. 

The better choice between the two:

A smart system can prove to be a more expensive choice while being unable to match its opponent’s limitless features and only requires one remote while its opponent requires an Android phone or tablet to be used as a remote.

Android television sets can be easily updated unlike smart TVs that can’t seem to match up to its updates. They also have a limitless amount of applications that provide more entertainment and uses than a smart TV. 

The verdict:

The choice of which TV will suit your needs depends upon your unique requirements and needs; an Android TV Box can always help convert any System into a smart one while a smart TV cannot be converted into an Android one.  

The choice between the two types of TVs depends solely on the purpose the television will be used for and needs to be made by the owner as per their own unique requirements. To ensure you are making the right choice, make a list of your requirements and check the features of the product before purchase. 

About the Author:

The Author Steven Lam is the proud owner of Gecko- the one-stop solution for TV brackets and android smart TVs.


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