L shaped kitchens

L shaped kitchens 
An L-shaped kitchen allows a kitchen work triangle, but at the same time makes very efficient use of a corner space.

What is an L-shaped kitchen?

An L-shaped kitchen, as the name suggests, is a kitchen that spans two walls meeting at a corner of a room. L-shaped kitchens work best in open plan living spaces, thanks to the fact that they're fairly unobtrusive and allow a respectable amount of bench space.

L-shaped kitchens are a standard, popular and versatile layout with excellent ergonomic features. L shaped kitchens make great use of in-corner spaces, can be adjusted to any length, offer multiple worksites, and aren't obstructed by traffic through the workspace.


When is an L-shaped kitchen the best choice?

This type of kitchen best suits medium to small spaces. L shaped kitchens generally don’t accommodate multiple cooks very well and are a less efficient choice in larger kitchen areas, although they can be tailored to usefully fit larger open-plan areas provided that the size of the kitchen work triangle is taken into careful consideration.


The kitchen work triangle fits inside the juncture of the two legs of the 'L'.

Installing an island (or even a retractable or mobile workbench) can add significantly to how useful an L-shaped kitchen can be.


Who should have an L-shaped kitchen?

Due to its suitability for open plan design, this is a great kitchen for entertainers, or for those with limited space who still like to cook. L shaped kitchens offer an inviting area that can fit a number of people who can keep the host entertained (or vice versa).

The large space is ideal for a kitchen table for family sit-downs and meals with friends, and a well-planned table area can also be used as a work surface if you need the extra room.