Laminex releases collection of textural, soft forms in neutral tones and woodgrain

23 May 2022

Diving into the Laminex Collection, CJH Studio was tasked with producing four rooms that captured and showcased their signature warmth and creative joinery.

Featuring bullnose benches with tight radii, curved shelves, and bulkheads in generous convex and concave forms, Cassie James-Herrick and her team explored the full potential of Laminex Woodgrains.

CJH Studio worked with the Laminex Colour Collection to design four contemporary interior spaces, showcasing the beauty and design versatility of Laminex Woodgrain laminate.

Cassie James-Herrick and her eponymously initialled CJH Studio has been pushing people’s perceptions of interiors since she began her own practice in 2017. Minimal in nature, her muted tones, natural materials, and soft forms have shaped her aesthetic and produced wonderfully inviting spaces and homes the world over.

Informed by her clients, part of the CJH Studio signature has been the creation and production of custom and bespoke joinery and furniture. It is with these touches, Laminex asked CJH Studio to collaborate on four spaces.

Mixing her love of texture and tone with Laminex’s authentic Woodgrains has produced extraordinary results, at once minimal and calm, each room subtly reveals its hyper-detailed complexity and CJH Studio’s deft hand. Curved forms – convex and concave - in varying radii, welcome and guide, encouraging their use and purpose with sculptural composure. All while inviting second looks and closer inspections.

“It’s about considering it in a new way, pushing and understanding the material,” says Cassie of her work with Laminex, “You need to think outside the square with what’s possible with the products.”

CJH Studio has produced a kitchen, bedroom wardrobe with convertible dressing table, living room cabinetry with desk and bar, and a bathroom with concealed laundry. Each space uses Laminex Woodgrain extensively, at times mixing several grains, finishes and textures to create an unexpected and delicate patchwork that defines both the studio style and the ethos of this home.

For Cassie and CJH Studio, her passion to create personalised interiors that are timeless and individual while challenging the status quo reflects Laminex’s approach to design and living.

Working with the Laminex Colour Collection provides designers and specifiers an incredible range of colours and finishes that promise unmatched durability and strength. With the benefit of extensive research and development, Laminex woodgrains deliver sophisticated natural textures, design flexibility and the same permanency and hard-wearing characteristics of all Laminex products.

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