Lazy susans & other specialty hardware

Lazy susans & other specialty hardware 
Lazy susans and similar specialty hardware are a great use of space in
kitchen corners.

One of the biggest problems with nice spacious kitchen cabinets is that the corners tend to be deep. Very deep. And it's not uncommon with basic cabinets for things like fondue sets or bread makers to be swallowed whole into the treacherous, shadowy abyss of the corner cupboard. In the kitchen where space is a valuable commodity, this represents a poor management of a valuable asset. Thankfully, there are a few technologies you can install to help you reclaim these forbidden recesses.


What is 'speciality hardware'?


It's a fairly vague name, but 'specialty hardware' in cabinet language refers to mechanisms that allow you better access to corners and other hard to reach cabinet spaces. The most popular is called a 'Lazy Susan'. The exact etymology for this name isn't clear, but some people suggest that it's a misuse of the French term 'laissez sous', which translates loosely in English to 'let under'.


What is a lazy susan?

A lazy susan is a rotating cylinder that's fitted inside a cupboard, with a wedge cut out of it to fit the front part of the corner cabinetry - refer to the picture for an example. Rotating the lazy susan provides access to the contents of the cupboard, all of which sits on the shelf inside the lazy susan. the concept is very simple, but also quite effective.


What is a half lazy susan?

An alternative to a lazy susan is a half lazy susan. A half lazy susan consists of a half-circle shelf that's attached to the cabinet door in a blind corner. As the door is opened, the semi-circular shelf draws the contents of the cupboard out from the blind corner, allowing access to everything within.


Other blind corner shelf mechanisms

Other mechanisms go by many other names, and some of them offer more access to blind cabinet space than lazy susans do. Special pull out shelf frames are also very effective, as are hinged variations on lazy susans that reach slightly deeper into the cupboard. Even something as simple as installing a hinged bifold door to span either side of a corner cabinet will go a long way to giving you easier access to its contents.

If space is at a premium and you're keen to make the most of your storage space, it's well worth shopping around to see what other kinds of specialty hardware are available from your local kitchen suppliers.