Leading the blinds

19 December 2017

Blinds play an important role in home decor and controlling natural light but they are also generally an undervalued element of interior design. However, the blinds market has gained increased attention over the past few years as homeowners look for ways to reduce energy consumption.

Recent architecture designs have favoured homes that heavily feature glass and steel, which means they require shading to maintain constant and comfortable temperatures. This in turn has required blind manufacturers to develop innovative solutions that are able to help people control their heating and cooling costs.

Now, thanks to advancements in technology, there are motorised blinds available that automatically adjust their positions during the day and can even be incorporated into home automation systems. 

Below we look at the latest offerings from some of the big players in the blinds market.


Somfy has released myLink, which consolidates different remotes into one intuitive interface to maximise the benefits of motorised blinds. MyLink gives users the ability to operate up to 20 products, including motorised blinds, curtains, awnings, screens and shutters, on a mobile device, whether you’re home or not.


Lutron recently released a precision motorised system called Intelligent Hembar Alignment (IHA) that ensures every blind in a single room or building runs in synchronisation. It uses a patented two-part electronic control system to maintain hembar alignment within 0.3cm during motion and at all resting positions.


Luxaflex has developed roller blinds with Qmotion technology, which were designed to reduce the total cost of motorisation for homeowners. Since the blinds run on batteries, there are no wires to run and no special tools required, which makes installation simple. Luxaflex roller blinds with Qmotion technology can also be connected and integrated into smart home systems, allowing users to enter specific time needs and choose a detailed schedule to match their lifestyle.

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