Lighting controls and switches


Lighting is fundamental in creating an appropriate atmosphere or mood in a home. Dimming lights and closing blinds can help to lower your energy consumption too, and therefore your power bill.

From fully automated lighting control systems to individual light sensors and swanky designer-friendly switches, there are a great many ways to using lighting controls to lower your costs and improve your home’s aesthetic.

Motion sensor

Motion sensors

Allowing your lights to be controlled by motion sensors can save you money, and also make your home more secure.

Automated home lighting

Automated lighting control

Automated lighting involves not just your lights, but also your curtains, which control daylight. Find out how automated lighting can help control your energy usage and improve your home's ambience.

Dimmer switch


Dimmers allow you to adjust the intensity of your lights, which can save you money and improve the look of your home.

Types of light switches

Light switch types

Many different types of light switch exist; some for the sake of safety or convenience, others simply because they look nice.

Light switch styles

Light switch styles

Light switches come in about as many different styles as you can imagine, and can be suited to any interior design.