Lined Vs. Unlined Curtains: What Is The Difference?

17 September 2021

When searching for blinds and shutters in Sydney, one type pf window treatment that offers classic elegance and is still very popular are curtains. Due to their decorative effect and the choices available in terms of type of fabrics used, colours, textures, prints etc, many homeowners prefer curtains to other types of window treatments.


Curtains come in many different styles, colours, designs, lengths (from short to floor length), materials (silk or polyester), and weights (lightweight or heavy) so there is something for everyone! The choices out there are overwhelming, so what should you look for when shopping?

  • Style and color of curtain - If your home has a lot of natural light coming in from windows, then lighter curtains would work best since they will allow more natural sunlight inside which can be good for people such as those who like plants or need Vitamin D. On the other hand, if there's not much outside light entering through windows but you want heavier curtains because it gets cold at night, then heavy-weight drapes with darker colours are recommended.
  • Price – Your budget is a very important decider. With the various different options available in terms of fabric types etc, you can decide on something that goes with the budget you want. Even the style of the curtain can vary accordingly so that you get the best from the money that you spend.
  • Lines or not – This will depend greatly on what your specific requirement is.


When it comes to curtains in Sydney, there are two main types: lined and unlined. Unlined curtains can be made of any fabric; they have a lighter weight than lined curtains and are easier to find at your local home improvement store. Lined curtains are heavier because they have some kind of lining inside the curtain panels. They're usually more expensive than unlined curtains but provide better insulation and make rooms look more finished.


Lined curtains are lined with a fabric of the same colour as the curtain, while un-lined curtains have no lining. The fabrics used for lining a curtain include:

  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Jacquard
  • Velveteen

The pros of lined curtains are that they make rooms look more finished, help reduce noise and light, and keep out drafts. The cons to lined curtains are that while the fabric is colour matched to the curtain, it may not be aesthetically pleasing with different colours in a room or if your decorative style includes many patterns. Lined curtains are heavier, which can be a drawback in warmer climates. They do offer more insulative value and may block out more sunlight than unlined curtains. If what you desire is extra insulation and protection against sun exposure then go for lined drapes instead of unlined ones as they will keep heat loss down while offering UV protection!


Unlined curtains in Sydney are those that have no lining so there's an increased risk for damaging them by accident. They're also lighter weight which can be advantageous but doesn't offer as much insulation from cold air and sun exposure. While unlined curtains don't provide insulation like their counterparts, they do allow you greater flexibility when designing your home, decorating it to suit the current interior and colour theme! Lining the curtain also allows you to alter its appearance by changing fabric from season-to-season or room-to-room with greater ease since it's not necessary to colour match your lining. Plus, lined drapery panels are usually easier to clean!


Curtains that are lined with blackout lining will also reduce outside noise better than those without lining. In addition, curtains provide privacy and the effect of blocking out light is different for each person in a room. Some people prefer to have more sunlight flowing through their homes during certain hours of day while others want heavier curtains on the windows at night or when they sleep. The style, colour, and weight of your curtain should all be considered before making any purchase decisions.


In reality, there is no right or wrong answer when deciding between lined and un-lined curtains; it all depends on your needs! The final decision on whether you get lined or unlined curtains will depend on your requirements and personal choice. The best way to move forward is to get advice from your vendor, because they will be able to give you the right options to suit your requirements. In addition, they will be able to show you a huge collection of different styles, fabrics and designs, which will suit different needs in a home, so you can make a well-informed decision when it comes to blinds and shutters in Sydney.