London calling in Austral Bricks’ new collection

25 February 2022


Elegant and refined, the new Park Lane range by Austral Bricks is inspired by the Georgian Townhouses and Victorian mansions that line the streets of London’s magnificent old town. This range is classic in form, evoking an effortless sophistication that complements a wide variety of architectural styles.

Offering the perfect balance between confident and regal, this distinguished range possesses an innate versatility suiting both a city-dwelling or leafy countryside abode. The Park Lane collection is available in six distinct colourways, ensuring a diverse adaptability to a variety of architectural styles.

Brett Ward, General Manager of International Marketing at Brickworks says: “Austral Bricks’ new Park Lane range is an ode to the quintessential Georgian architecture that England is renowned for. Offering a simple, smooth texture and a polychromatic tone, this range exudes classic elegance.”

Mayfair, Dorchester and Grosvenor are all multi-hued, assorted colourways, soldering chestnut browns to sandy beiges and violet greys. This gives a subtle chequered effect, acting as a reflection of the diverse nature of London. Each varying in depth and darkness, this range creates a striking yet distinguished appeal.

The other three colourways, Biltmore, Westminster and Chesterfield, are monochromatic, maintaining a seamless consistency throughout their form. From earthy oak tones, ecru neutrals to traditional red brick hues, these solid colourways are enduring, timeless additions to a home.

Marrying muted simplicity with opulent urban tones, Austral Bricks’ Park Lane collection highlights the duplicity of a bustling city that remains rich with history, diversity and culture.

The Park Lane collection is available exclusively at Brickworks now. For more information, please visit:

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