looking for easy/cheap ventilation ideas for a pantry door

Wanted to replace a pantry door which needs to always stand open- in the way -so heat doesn't build up in my pantry, with a louvered ventilated door but can't find any locally in nsw/aust- seems to be an american thing to do. Any suggestions/ideas which are cheap/simple? also looking for someone to install two sliding cavity doors in Penrith district (NSW)

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Hi Janelle,

Are you after one of those timber doors with louvres/slats all (or just part) the way up and down? Those are called 'louvre doors' and they're certainly available all over Australia. Not sure if it makes any difference, but we generally use the English / original French spelling of 'louvre' here in Australia. It's possible that you're mostly getting American results if you're typing louver doors into Google.

The other option is just to get a ready-made vent installed into your existing door - possibly cheaper than buying a whole new door actually - especially if the existing door's an unusual size (something you'll need to be very careful of if you're planning on buying a door yourself).

Your best bet is to post a job request for this work on our get quotes page and find some tradespeople in your area who can take a look and help you decide what your best option might be. Local tradespeople will know where to get the things you need. If you post your job on that page you'll get three free quotes from certified local tradpeople, and you can just take your pick.

We'd definitely recommend bundling the cavity door installations with your pantry job too - will save you a lot of money if you get it all done at the same time!

The BUILD team. 


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