Low Maintenance Landscaped Garden

22 October 2019

Gardens that don't require much care

Not all of us have the time to maintain or keep up with our garden. Especially with the recent water restriction applies in NSW, maintaining our garden is harder more than ever. Even if you just have grass, without care and regular mowing, weeds can over take and sooner than you know it, your garden is no longer a pleasant site. A low maintenance garden is not only great to be considered, but also adding value to your property and bring positive energy into your home. 

The garden makeover

Before makeover garden


An ideal low maintenance landscaped garden was done to a property belongs to an old couple who find it hard to keep up with their gardening. The front yard's grass and existing plants were removed, The grass were dig deep to ensure as much of the roots were removed as possible. The garden wastes were then cleared using a skip bins Sydney local provider. 

Consider pebbles and succulents

Pebbles are excellent to use for a low maintenance garden bed. Before laying the pebbles, you must lay the weed mats to avoid the weeds from striving in your garden. The pebble layer should be around 40-60mm deep. In this makeover, Cowra white 20mm pebbles were used. We also included a variety of succulents. Succulents are low maintenance plants that have drought-tolerant properties. Some of the range display the magnificent red/ orange colours when plant in a sunny position. We also included frangipani and citrus fruit trees to create the look. The result is a beautiful landscaped garden that not only makes the place look great but also it is super easy for the elderly couple to maintain.

After makeover garden- Low maintenance
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