Wind turbine maintenance

Wind turbine maintenance

Since keeping the blades turning freely is what gives turbines power, you'll want to ensure that yours is as clean and efficient as possible. Good maintenance and regular inspection will definitely help with this.

Solar maintenance

Solar maintenance

Solar panels don't need that much maintenance thanks to the fact that they have no moving parts - although they will require a clean now and then, and will need to be professionally replaced if they become damaged.

Solar panel inspection and repair

Problems with your solar panel? Find out how to tell if there's a problem, what sorts of issues are most common, and what kinds of steps you can take to get your solar panels repaired.

How to clean solar panels

A dirty solar panel is an inefficient one: dirty solar panels will produce less power than clean ones, which may even cost you money over time. Find out how - and how often - to clean your solar panels.


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How to build a house

Timber fitout and cabinetry

Your interior and exterior walls are up and your house is really starting to take shape – but there’s still the matter of putting in kitchen cabinets, skirting boards, architraves, cornices, ceiling roses, dado rails and so forth.


Rebates for solar panels

State and federal governments currently offer significant rebates for solar electricity installations. Find out how these are regulated, how the rebates work, and what you're entitled to.

Home entertainment

Projector screens

If you're investing in a projector, it's also important to consider what you're going to project it onto, and how that will affect the picture. The right projector screen can make a massive difference to your picture quality.