How to clean and maintain composite decking

Wood plastic composite decking isn't the same as timber decking - and while it's likely to require far less maintenance than timber decking, it still needs to be cared for and cleaned properly to ensure that it lasts.

Decking maintenance

Decking maintenance

Not all decks require that much maintenance. With wood plastic composite (WPC) decking and uPVC decking, for example, it's almost a matter of install-and-forget.

How to restain a deck or pergola

Over time, decks may lose their colour and lustre. Find out how to choose the right stain for your deck, and safely restain it to the best effect.

How to clean and oil a deck

Properly cleaning and oiling your deck will help to bring out its natural colours and make it look like new. Find out the best way to go about it.


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Roof load bearing capacity

Load bearing capacity is another crucial consideration for roofs. It determines what sort of roofing materials can be used, and whether things like solar panels can be safely roof-mounted.

Climate control

Bulk vs. reflective insulation

Heat is gained in a home in a couple of different ways, and for that reason different types of insulation are needed for different purposes. Find out what the difference is between bulk and reflective insulation.


Fibreglass windows

  • Great energy efficiency
  • Structurally strong
  • Limited options
  • Can be expensive