Working with electricity

Ever had an electric shock? Not sure what you should and shouldn't be working on in your home? Find out what you should handle in terms of your home's electrical systems.

Electrical maintenance

Find out how to safely maintain your home's electrical systems, and what to do if there's an electrical emergency in your house.

What to do when plugs are arcing or sparking

It's not normal - or safe - for your plugs to arc or spark. Find out why this happens, and what you need to do when you notice that your plugs are arcing or sparking.

How to use your switchboard / switch box

Not sure about how your switchboard works? Have the lights or appliances gone out only in one part of the house? Find out how to use your safety switches, circuit breakers or fuses.

What to do in an electrical emergency

Electricity can be very dangerous when things go wrong. Find out what you should do when you have an emergency that involves electricity.

10 tips to reduce your power usage

Learn the secrets to cutting your bills and improving your energy efficiency. Cutting electricity use is a great way to save both money and the environment.

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Deck styles and materials

Deck styles & materials

The styles and materials used are what sets one deck apart from the rest. Find out more about popular deck styles, where they're suitable, and what sorts of materials are available.

Types of windows

Types of windows

Different styles and sizes, different glazing techniques and different framing materials make your choices practically limitless when it comes to windows. Find out more about your choices here.


Payback time for solar panels

One of the best reasons to own a solar panel system is that it'll eventually pay itself off thanks to electricity bill savings. Find out how to calculate how long this will take.