How to clean a bathtub

Baths need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that they're a pleasant place to bathe. Find out how to safely and effectively clean your bathtub.

Unblocking a drain

How to unblock a drain

Blocked drains in your kitchen are no fun - but thankfully they're not too difficult to deal with. Read our guide on how to unblock a drain and save yourself from a watery disaster.

Mould and rust on taps

How to deal with mould and rust

Cleaning mould is not simply a matter of wiping it off and assuming the job's finished. Find out how to effectively clean rust stains and get rid of mould for good in your bathroom.


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Special keys

Special keys are any keys that vary from the conventional flat stripped key we're all familiar with. These can be cylindrical, magnetic, or electronically encoded for added security.


Floor tiles

Tiles are available in all manner of sizes, shapes and patterns, and are ideal for use in areas that require waterproofing.


What electrics do I need?

Find out what sorts of electrical systems you'll need to have installed in your home.