Light switch

How to clean light switches

Cleaning light switches is not difficult, and is perfectly safe provided that you do it the right way.

Cleaning a light globe

How to clean light globes

Light globes, particularly those outside, can lose a significant amount of light output if not cleaned regularly.

Lighting maintenance

Lighting maintenance

There's not a whole lot to maintaining lighting, but a little effort once in a while can make a pretty significant difference. Learn more about maintaining your lights, and how to recycle safely.

How to recycle fluorescent globes

Fluorescent globes contain mercury. Find out how to recycle them safely and avoid harmful pollution.

Will switching to different globes save you money?

Newer globe types may be cheaper to run, but they're also more expensive to buy. Is switching worth the effort?


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Steel and aluminium pergola roofs

Steel and aluminium are commonly used as roof or wall cladding for pergolas and gazebos. They offer great protection from the elements, are long-wearing and can improve looks in a number of ways.


How to deal with gas leaks

A gas leak is serious business - and is extremely dangerous anywhere in your home. Find out what steps to take if you suspect there is a gas leak inside your home.

Hot water
Natural gas hot water system

Natural gas hot water systems

Modern natural gas hot water systems are a cost effective and efficient choice. Options exist for this fuel type to serve households of most sizes and levels of demand.