Lead paint

Beware of lead paint when renovating

Everyone knows about asbestos, but it’s surprising how few people realise how much of a risk lead paint can be – and just how common it is in older Australian homes.

How to improve insulation in walls

Insulation in walls can make a huge difference to the comfort of your home. Find out how to improve your wall insulation.

How to fix big cracks & holes in walls

Larger cracks and holes require a little more attention, but can still be made to disappear using the right methods and materials.

How to fix small cracks & holes in walls

Provided that you know what you're doing, you can easily make small cracks and holes in walls disappear completely.

How to clean interior walls

Crayon? Dead bugs? Blood? Don't worry - most interior wall surfaces are designed to be fairly easily cleaned.

How to clean exterior walls

It depends on what your walls are made from, but giving your exterior walls a clean can improve the look of your home.

Wall maintenance

Wall maintenance

Big surfaces like walls inevitably get dirty, and inevitably get damaged from time to time. Here are some easy ways to keep your walls looking great.

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Sauna heater types

The type of heater you use is critical to the design of your sauna. Saunas can be broken down into two main types; convection, which includes electric, gas and wood fired heaters, and radiation, which includes Far Infrared (FIR) heaters.

Heating tips and tricks

7 heating tips and tricks

House too cold? Wish your home would stay warm longer when you use a heater? Read our tips on how to improve the heating in your house.


Sliding doors

Sliding doors make excellent use of space, and allow significantly larger entryways than conventional hinged doors. 'Pocketed' sliding doors even allow you to conceal doors inside wall cavities.